Sexy, Celibate Brandy of 'DWTS': Is That Even Possible?

Here's your shot, Maks!
Holy dry spell! On the most recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, Brandy Norwood admitted she hasn’t had sex in six years. Six years! (Actually, it’s been six years since she was in a serious relationship -- according to a follow-up interview, there may have been some nookie in the interim, but she certainly hasn’t been busy, bedroom-wise, in the past few years.)

This all makes my head spin. Admittedly, I’m not at my sexiest at the moment, but I have a 2-month-old baby. I pride myself on how short my dry spells are (never more than a few weeks, 'til this most recent pregnancy), but I’m also wondering:

Do you have to have sex to be sexy? Can you be sexy and celibate?


Celibacy means “abstention from sexual intercourse,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I think most people would take that to mean sex with another person, which opens up a whole new world of solo sex. I think that if you do it right (and have a hotline to Good Vibrations), that could still leave you feeling sexy, even if you’re not with anyone.

With the added advantage that you don’t get into some unhealthy relationship just because the sex is good -- or because there is sex at all! That’s something the younger me never considered, to my detriment.

Besides, a single mom -- which Brandy is -- doesn't have the freedom to go diving through unhealthy relationships anymore (do you hear me, Teen Mom Amber?).

Of course, it’s easier to feel sexy when you’re in a hot, cozy, real-life twosome with someone who thinks you’re the greatest thing since the invention of things. But it seems to me that you’re likely to get into (and stay in) a twosome like that if you have the self-esteem and self-control to feel sexy on your own.

Not, mind you, that I've ever put such a thought into practice. I guess I’m just admiring Brandy from afar, even as I think to myself that I’m more fun in the sack because I just can’t imagine walking a mile in her celibate shoes.

Could you be celibate for six years? Do you feel sexy even when you’re not having sex? Tell us in the comments!

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