Spinsters Have Great Sex ... And Other Benefits Galore!

Older bride and groomEver wonder what the benefits of being a spinster are?

Not many other than being able to sleep in a room without a gaseous, snoring man. And not having to pick up that same man's laundry that's consistently thrown on the floor next to the hamper.

Even so, approximately 4 percent of women aged 65 or older have never been married. Not married and divorced or married and widowed but have never, ever tied the knot.

Studies have shown that being "never married" can be detrimental to your physical health. The "marriage protection" theory says that older married couples are less likely to have drinking problems and mental health issues plus are more likely to be in better physical health just by the virtue of being with someone.

And even though the chances of getting married for the first time rapidly diminish after the age of 65, it does happen.

And the benefits of getting married for the first time, at an old(er) age? There are plenty, including:


Registry Reciprocity: Think of all the wedding gifts you've given over the years. If any of those people are still alive, they'll be sending you gifts when you get married. You probably don't need household items like china, silver, and crystal. Sign up for a honeymoon registry and get the gift of that around the world trip you've always wanted.

Scary Spinster No More: Once married, you'll no longer be known as that old spinster cat lady that the children are scared of. The one who lives down the street in the haunted house. Plus, you'll no longer have to watch people shake their heads in sympathy when you tell them you've never been married.

No Longer Alone: You won't have to wear that bracelet anymore. You know the one that allows you to contact someone at alarm headquarters when you've fallen and can't get up. Plus, it's better to split that bottle of wine with someone rather than drink it all yourself just because it's open.

Honeymoon Phase: You don't have kids, or if you had them as a single parent, they're long gone. The rest of your life is a honeymoon. Just the two of you setting up house together. And we all know that you're never too old to have sex. Good sex at that.

Marital Success: Chances of you and your aged husband getting divorced are less. The highest percentages of divorces occur in the first 10 years of marriage. You'll be lucky if both of you are alive in 10 years. And still know who the other is.

Do you know someone who got married much later in life?


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