Patti Stanger: Why Danielle Staub Is Banned From Millionaire Club

patti stanger millionaire matchmakerPatti Stanger is back with the new season of Millionaire Matchmaker, but it's been a tough season for the newly single love guru as she heads to the Big Apple. Maybe because being humiliated on television is going out of style?

Nope, says Stanger, there's simply a lack of hot women and strong men in New York City. Ahem.

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Ms. Stanger, although I haven't been on the dating scene in quite a few years, and never in the "millionaire" scene (is there one, really?). But this must be the only explanation for Stanger to head to Jersey, where she sets up Chris and Albie Manzo as part of the show.

But why is Stanger scooping up these Jersey boys to be part of her show and not cashing in on the rest of the single Real Housewives cast members?


Apparently the Manzo mafia is real. In fact, Stanger says Danielle did approach her and wanted to be set up. (Let's assume Danielle wants to meet a millionaire, rather than being a millionaire.) But the millionaire matchmaker said no: "I can't go against Caroline. I'm in the Manzo family now."

Or maybe Stanger just didn't feel Danielle Staub was hot enough for the millionaire clients. Of course these could all be deal breakers for the lady who gets paid to train people to be likable:

Danielle's criminal past

Danielle's sex tape

Danielle's sociopath-ness

Danielle being back on the pole

Danielle already has a girlfriend

Do you think Patti should set Danielle up with her millionaires?


Image via Bravo

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