Dread Hanging With the Mother-in-Law? 20 Things to Do Instead

A new poll released by iVillage reveals that 51 percent of women would rather do just about any distasteful task than hang out with their mother-in-law.

That is a lot of hate for the hubby's mama.

According to the New York Post:

Fifty-one percent say they would rather stay home and clean the house than have to listen to their mothers-in-law, according to the report by iVillage, a women's-interest Web site that boasts 30 million visitors a month. It also found that 36 percent of women would rather visit a gynecologist, 30 percent would rather do jury duty, and 28 percent would prefer to either do their taxes or get a root canal.

To be sure, it isn't an easy relationship. I happen to be lucky because my mother-in-law and I are fine and we live very far apart, but for many the feeling that they are being subtly undermined, nagged, or judged makes time spent together uncomfortable, indeed.


For many daughters-in-law, watching paint dry or water boil or doing something that causes minor pain are all preferable to the emotional pain of dealing with their in-laws. I asked around and compiled 20 Things Some Would Rather Do Than Pal Around With Their Mom-in-Law:

  1. Recover from minor surgery.
  2. Be rescued from a mine.
  3. Hang out with Spencer and Heidi.
  4. Remove my toenail polish (a task I normally hate).
  5. Eat a habanero pepper.
  6. Be stuck on a plane for an hour with a crying baby.
  7. Deal with credit card debt.
  8. Stay on hold for an hour with the cable or phone company.
  9. Watch six hours of Caillou.
  10. Shop for a bikini in bad lighting.
  11. Spend a sleepless night with a newborn.
  12. Be lightly waterboarded.
  13. Have a first colonoscopy or mammogram.
  14. Fight a parking ticket.
  15. Wait in line at the DMV for three hours.
  16. Sit in the waiting room at a car dealership for an entire afternoon.
  17. Pierce my tongue.
  18. Get a tattoo.
  19. Burn my feet on hot sand or asphalt.
  20. Smell a dead mouse in the house but not be able to find it.

 What would you rather do than hang out with your mother-in-law?

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