The Big O After Age 80: Run for Cover!

geyserA recent post in Psychology Today had The Stir all astir. We pinged the story back and forth between us like we were playing Hot Potato -- who was going to write about this? Is it gross? Is it awesome? Answer: It’s both. It’s grossome.

Ready for the story? Warning: It involves an octogenarian, a vibrator, and a change of sheets (and hopefully a waterproof mattress pad).

Go ahead, click. You know you want to.


Sex educator Pamela Madsen gave her mom a vibrator for her 79th birthday, because the woman had been widowed for a while and only dated sporadically. The gift was accepted, but not discussed much, and put away for a couple of years.

Recently, she got a call from her mom, who said she had taken out the vibrator, tried it, and not only orgasmed -- but female-ejaculated. (It’s real. But it’s a long story. I did a whole article on it and I’m totally convinced, even though my bod doesn’t do that.)

Madsen acknowledges that it’s uncomfortable to think about your parents having sex, especially solo sex. But when her mom said how overjoyed she was to feel that way again -- how precious that nearly forgotten pleasure was to her -- she had to feel more proud of her mom than icked out by the taboo of it all.

Me, I’m happy to know there’ll be pleasure in my life even way down the road. Of course, I knew that already, because my mom just loves to boast about how romantic she and my dad still are.

Wait, I take it back. Eeeeyuw!

Could you deal with discussing a vibrator with your mom? Do you think you’ll have a sex life in your golden years? Tell us in the comments!

Image via Alan Vernon/Flickr

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