10 Reasons Having Sister Wives Would Rule

10 reasons having sister wives would ruleThe season finale of Sister Wives ended with yet another marriage (spiritual, of course) and while the rest of the wives seemed angry-happy, it makes one stop and consider how lucky these wives of Kody really are. No! Really!

It's not his feathered mullet-esque mane, or his inability to keep it in his pants. It's the other ladies that would make marrying Kody Brown so totally worth it.

In fact, here are 10 reasons why having your very own set of sister wives is really where it's at.

  1. Free babysitting. Yes, I know this is the most obvious, but also the most AWESOME.
  2. Say you're the "messy" one, sure people will talk smack behind your back. But you'll also have the luxury of tossing your dishes in the sink without a care. Because the "anal" one won't be able to stand those nasty things stacking up and growing mold.
  3. You'll always have someone to call on girls' night out.
  4. No more running out of necessities at that time of the month!
  5. You can always fob off the hubs on the newest girl on his sweaty nights. No more fake headaches.
  6. With that many mommies, you won't get stuck reading Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella every damn night.
  7. Only being a wife 1/4 of the time has got to be easier than the full-time deal.
  8. If your husband really pisses you off, you can always threaten to testify against him when those pesky polygamy charges take hold.
  9. With a schedule of "nights," you'll always know the best day to shave your legs.
  10. Thanks to the household of constant chaos, no one is going to notice if you're getting any action on the side.

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