Celebrity Divorce Epidemic: What's Really Going On Here?

Christina AguileraChristina, Courteney and Laura, it's been a rough couple of weeks. Hasn't it?

Ending a marriage, or deciding to separate, is hard to do, especially when you're in the public spotlight. But at least you're not alone. Kate Winslet got divorced earlier this year. Elin Nordegren has had her share of attention too.

So what happened to all of your marriages?

From the outside looking in, or as far in as those tinted windows would let us, your three marriages looked great. You're all gorgeous, your husbands seemed to adore you, and every one of you did a great job of procreating.

It's not because you're past your primes. You're still young and vibrant. Your ages range from Christina at 29 years old to Courteney at 47.

And it's not because you've stopped bringing home the bacon. You're all still working. Though Laura, you're not keeping up.


So what pushed your marriages over the edge and into the canyon of irreconcilable differences? I think that you all just succumbed to the statistics because someone has to be behind the following numbers:

Except for Courteney, who has been married for 11 years, you were all married between five and eight years. And studies have shown that marriages are the most susceptible to divorce in these early years. Both Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon had first marriages that ended in that time frame.

Plus, being in the public eye can't be easy. Especially when the eye was mainly on you and not your husband. (Well, not in Elin's case but we all know what happened there.)

Add the life changes that occur when you become a parent to the everyday stress of being a celebrity, and, well, that's a lot. And you all have either one or two kids. (Well, except for Jennifer, but we all know what happened there. Hi Angelina.)

I can tell you that you're in good company. My first marriage lasted almost eight years. And in that time period, I had two kids.

So you see, you're not that different than us regular folk. At least as far as marriage is concerned

My advice to you? Spend some time focusing on your kids before you put yourself back out there. It's good for them and it's good for you. And, from my experience, the second time's a charm.

Did your first marriage end in divorce? Does it fit these statistics?

Image via D.S.B/Flickr

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