Single Christina Aguilera, Brett Favre Sexting & More News

david arquetteIt's a little embarrassing to admit how interested I am in celebrities' love lives. Blame it on the day job or just downright nosy-ness, I am always wanting to know whose relationships are making headlines. Us celebrity-obsessed folks had a field day this week with all of the crazy break-ups and celeb sexting going on.

  • Coincidentally (or not?), in the wake of the Brett Favre and Kanye West sexting and naughty photo scandals that have risen, Apple has a product coming out that will allow users (and parents) to filter objectionable text message content. -- Your Tango
  • Even though Halle Berry and her French lover Olivier Martinez haven't been together long, she's already introducing him to Mama Berry. Though I'm sure that meeting went along splendidly, afterall French men are known for their charm, some celebrity couples haven't had such smooth sailing when it comes to meeting the 'rents. -- The Frisky
  • Note: Post-breakup do not go on all-revealing rampage of you and your ex's sex life, or lack thereof. But if you do, do not immediately go to Twitter and send hundreds of updates over the next hour overly apologizing for it. You just look like even more of an ass. I'm going to give you a wild gues on who I'm talking about.  -- Yahoo! Shine
  • Yowza! Newly single Christina Aguilera and her, uh, ladies, look like they're ready to mingle. She's back! -- Us Magazine


Image via WEBN-TV/Flickr

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