David Arquette: 5 Things About My Love Life

david arquette divorceIt was a shocking week in celebrity breakups -- well, as shocking as these things are when they seem to come in threes every six weeks. We were honestly surprised about the Courteney Cox/David Arquette separation. Then suddenly understood as Arquette decided to "get in front of" any bad press, by going on Howard Stern. Uh-uh.

So now we actually know, without even having to make wild jumps, 5 things about David Arquette's love life.

  1. I really just want someone who listens to me. Anyone, really. I've got a lot to say.
  2. I'm begging Courteney to take me ba-- whoa, is that a waitress?
  3. I'm very into women being emotional and real. Unless that means her emotional and real self hates my goofy guts.
  4. I'm really only trying to keep with my sisters, marriage-wise.
  5. I'm all about follow-through and commitment. Courteney may have had an emotional affair, but I had a real one!


Image via John Shearer/Getty

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