Are You a Sex Know-It-All? Test Yourself

Sex testWant to test your knowledge of some of the sexual habits of men and women? Like who masturbates more and the most frequent way men orgasm.

The 9 true or false questions are based on the results of The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior published earlier this month.

1. Men are very generous in the oral sex category, giving more than they receive.

2. Men don't orgasm every time they have sex.

3. Women are more likely to orgasm if they are in the missionary position.

4. Men orgasm more easily if they have hot sex with a random stranger.

5. Women masturbate more than men.

6. Men know when their partner has an orgasm and when she doesn't.

7. Older women were more likely to report orgasm if their most recent sexual event was with someone who was not a relationship partner.

8. More men use a condom if it's their first sexual encounter with the person.

9. Men orgasm more often if their session includes vaginal penetration.

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1. False. Men get more than they give. Women receive less than they give. And it declines as they get older. The amount men receive? Increases until they're 40 to 49 years old then starts to decline ever so slightly.

2. True. Almost 9 percent of the men questioned said that they didn't have an orgasm during their last sexual experience. But they still did better than the women. Almost 15 percent of them didn't orgasm.

3. False. A variety of activities and positions ups the chances that a woman will orgasm including if they gave or received oral or had intercourse or anal penetration.

4. False. Actually men orgasm more easily with a relationship partner, possibly from having a lack of performance anxiety.

5. False. Women masturbate a lot but not as much as their male counterparts.

6. False. Men are easily confused into thinking that panting and moaning means that an orgasm has occurred.

7. True. The excitement of being with someone new, perhaps after a long dry spell following a divorce or being widowed, is an intense turn-on.

8. False. More women do. Maybe because women can choose from a multitude of cute condom containers to put in their purses.

9. True. For a man, nothing beats good old-fashioned penile-vaginal intercourse.

So, how'd you do on the test?


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