Courteney and David Are 'Still Friends': Is It Possible?

Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette may be separating, but their friendship will remain. Or so they say.

The couple -- who have a 6-year-old daughter, Coco -- agreed to a trial split after 11 years of marriage but insist they are still friends and “love each other deeply.”

In a joint statement they said:

We have agreed to a trial separation that dates back for some time. The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage. We remain best friends and responsible parents to our daughter and we still love each other deeply.

Really, guys? Is that possible?


Look at most people's Facebook accounts and you will see a plethora of exes among the "friends." Some say it's possible to stay close while others would rather treat break-ups like deaths.

For many, it depends on how the break-up went down. I have two exes that I'm not friends with and they were my most serious relationships. The rest I'm fine with.

Relationships end for many reasons and some end more amicably than others. Did she cheat? Lie? Steal money? Well, then friendship isn't likely. But some relationships just fizzle. Two people love each other, but cannot make it work. Those are the kinds that are probably the most amenable to becoming friendships.

Of course, break-ups are one thing, but divorces where children are involved are a whole other. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have somehow managed it. They vacation together and support one another through new relationships and life choices, but they're the exception to the rule.

Look at Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Baldwin's rants to his 11-year-old daughter are now legendary, but his complaints -- that Basinger poisoned his daughter against him -- aren't unfounded. It happens every day. There's a thin line between love and hate and once the love goes, finding something like friendship can be a tall order.

"We'll always be friends." We all say it, we all hope it's true. After all, a relationship is an investment and the person we're with becomes our confidant, partner, and our "best friend," too. We hate to think that just ends. But sometimes it does. And sometimes that is better.

Do you think exes can be "friends"?


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