Jealous Woman Goes to Great Heights to Murder Love Rival

parachuteOh good lord! Check out this crazy, messed up trial going on in Belgium. Of course the truth of the matter remains to be seen, but here is what allegedly happened: A young woman was jealous that her boyfriend had more than one lover -- so she cut the strings of the woman’s parachute!

When they all went out on a jump together, she floated safely down while her rival plummeted to a horrible death.

What ... on earth ... is wrong with people? What guy is worth murder -- and the decades of jail that are bound to go with it?

I’m usually not one to mull over “aren’t-they-awful” trials, but this one is as sordid as it gets -- the kind of stuff that you thought only Lifetime TV could come up with!


A guy named Marcel Somers was playing the field, as people do. One of his gal pals was Els Van Doren, a 38-year-old married mother of two who snuck off on weekends to skydive with Somers. The other was Els Clotteman, a 22-year-old schoolteacher. Who knows what was going on at the ol’ skydiving club -- apparently, the two women were close pals and both spent the night with Somers in his apartment a couple weeks before the fatal crash.

Prosecutors say the younger woman would have been able to cut her friend’s parachute strings that night. She swears she didn’t. But when she attempted suicide before an appointment to be questioned by police, it seemed to point to her guilt. The trial is going on now.

Hey, maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. But either way, killing to get rid of a love rival is nothing new. Obviously, people who do this kind of thing are nuts ... but it happens so often, it must be the kind of nuts you can come across at the mall or at work (or at your child’s school!) without even realizing it.

Which is the really scary thought. Is this the kind of crazy that could take over a usually sane person? Could anyone be driven to murder in the right circumstance?

Of course I think not -- I’ve been heartbroken, but never so divorced from reality that I’d consider this level of insane revenge. But I’ve certainly had revenge fantasies. Have you?

What do you think pushes people like this over the edge? Have you ever gotten so jealous that you entertained thoughts of murder? Tell us in the comments!

 Image via Horia Varlan/Flickr

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