Defending Courteney Cox From Cougar Dating Site Attack

courtney cox dating cougar
I'm No Cougar!
Courteney Cox isn't even officially divorced (she's on a break!) but has already come calling for the 46-year-old hottie. The star of Cougar Town is an obvious choice to promote their dating site for older women looking for young guys for sport, so why is CougarLife insulting the mega star by only offering her $1 million?

TMZ reports the contract has already been sent to Cox, but no word on if she's signing on to be the spokeswoman for hot sex with fresh meat. Aside from the obvious (Cox and Arquette are separated, not divorced), I just can't see the Friends star doing it.

  • For starters, the contract requires she do 12 radio ads, 4 television ads, and 30 personal appearances in the span of a year. That's multiple times per month! For one million bucks you can have her photo for a limited time (I say, as if I'm her agent). That's a huge amount of work for an international superstar who most likely doesn't need your paltry one million bucks.
  • Also, as soon as Courteney gets identified as a single lady on the prowl, she'll be tossed into Jennifer Aniston land where everyone speculates and pities her pathetic dating life. Courteney doesn't need that drama.
  • Even though Cox stars in a show called Cougar Town, I'm guessing as soon as she's dating again, she's not going to want to remind people how old she is, even if self-identifying as a cougar doesn't seem to bother her for the sake of art.

Back off Courteney,! Find someone less vulnerable to hock your naughty wares.

Now just watch, Courteney will sign on, and all my defending her honor will be for naught.

Do you think Courteney Cox should be a spokeswoman for CougarLife?


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