Who Is Courteney Cox Dating?

Courteney Cox may be single, but given that David Arquette is spilling details of their sex life and Cougarlife.com (a dating website) is offering her $1 million to stump for them, she may not be single long.

After a long (11-year) marriage, dating again will likely be difficult, but Cox needs to jump right back in the game. At 46, she has plenty of sexy years left to have fun and fall in love again.

There are many single men in Hollywood, but only a few who would be perfect for the lovely Cox who counts Jennifer Aniston and Laura Dern (who also split this weekend) among her closest friends.

So who should the gorgeous single mom of 6-year-old Coco consider dating?

  • Jordan Bratman: He's single now (on the same day as her). He may be a little younger at 33, but she does play a "cougar" after all. Also, she likes a younger man. Arquette was 7 years younger than her. So why not?
  • Ben Harper: Also newly single after his split with Laura Dern, he is a singer and lives in LA, like Cox. He is also deadly sexy, which Cox needs after being with the "funny guy" for too long. Although since she is a close friend of Laura Dern, this one may not be the smartest union.
  • Josh Hopkins: Court's Cougartown co-star may have rejected Jennifer Aniston, but he is hot and if life imitates art, the two of them would be very nice together in real life.
  • Bruce Springsteen: The "Boss" once gave Cox her big break in the video for "Dancing in the Dark." Maybe they could dance in the dark together again?
  • Tim Robbins: He split from Susan Sarandon who claims to have invented the word "cougar," which has been so profitable for Cox. They would make a beautiful couple and both have been in the older woman, younger man relationship before, so the transition would be easy even though Robbins, at 52, is now older than Cox. Plus his birthday is tomorrow (Oct. 16) so what could be a better present for him?

Who do you think Cox should date?


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