Cool Wedding Moment: Groomsmen Superheroes!

Justice League GroomsmenPeople just love getting creative with their wedding receptions – re-enacting romantic movie moments or improvising their own walks down the aisle. Currently making the rounds on the Internet is this super twosome, who got the groom and all his groomsmen to wear T-shirts depicting members of the Justice League under their frock-coats.

Of course, the groom was Superman. (That’s how you know it wasn’t my wedding. I hate Superman -- that goody-goody boy scout.)


There’s a lot to love here, like each guy’s individual interpretation of the photographer’s apparent directive to “look heroic.” And you’ve got to love a fat Flash. Imagine a fireball that large coming at you?

It’s also fun to see the ladies peeking out from behind their men, holding their shirts open. It seems like everyone got into the spirit of the event.

But as a geek, I have a few annoying problems with this picture. First of all, there are actually two guys being The Flash, one with the old logo (the Wally West version) and one with the newer logo (the Bart Allen version). I highly doubt these two Flashes would attend the same wedding.

Second, the guy between the Flashes and Batman doesn't have his shirt open. Does that mean he’s the bad guy? Is he about to ruin the whole wedding? OMG, is he the Joker?! Now the whole thing looks like it’s about to end in tragedy.

Thirdly, there’s no Green Hornet, but there’s that guy with lime wedges? Who is that guy? I don’t recognize him. I could find out in a heartbeat by bugging any number of my exes, but I'm too embarrassed to do that. So I’m just going to publish my ignorance here.

And this is the real problem: There’s no incarnation of the Justice League that doesn’t include Wonder Woman. Where the hell is Wonder Woman?

And now you see why I wasn’t invited to this wedding.

How do you like the Justice League Groomsmen? Do you have insight into the mysterious round green logo? Tell us in the comments!


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