Tiger Woods Sex Tape: Is It All a Myth?

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods must have missed being in the spotlight after the Cigar Guy became the most popular thing in the world of golf. Woods is making headlines again, as he and his lawyers are trying to stop producer Nick James from releasing a sex tape supposedly featuring Woods and porn star Devon James.

And, yep, you read that right: Nick and Devon are married.

However, there's no proof thus far that the tape actually exists. Still, Nick and Devon revealed that there will be a preview of the tape on their website, TigerTapeXXX.com, with the tagline "Tiger Woods’ former girl playing all the holes." Cue projectile vomit.

Nick told Radar Online:

I was told there was a bid by his lawyers to buy the tape but so far no deal has been struck and I don’t think it will be either .... I think that it will be available for pre-order no matter what now -- right now that is definitely still on.


After reading the teasers, I'm inclined to believe that this tape will feature Devon having sex with some random Tiger Woods footage edited in. I don't know what the deal is with porn and truly terrible writing, but Devon promised on another one of her NSFW websites:

Come watch Devon f*ck and s*ck and see Tiger Wood's former girl Play all the holes and why Tiger WOULD too .... Don't forget to check back and see if we have some captured Tiger images!

If you read it closely, all this says is that she'll be doing what porn stars do, but not necessarily that she'll be doing it to Tiger. And she used the word "if" in that last sentence. She may be "playing all the holes," but (forgive me mom), whose holes is she talking about?

Devon's own mom and former manager believe the tape doesn't exist either. For the icing on this extremely sick cake, Devon claims that Woods is the father of her 9-year-old son, Austin. Even after DNA tests told her she was wrong.

Still, no one can seem to say with 100 percent certainty that the tape does or doesn't exist. Why are Woods' lawyers getting involved if it's fake? Also, some random guy who worked on the tape and wished to remain anonymous said he's seen it and that it's "very dirty." But it sounds like a load of crock to me, and even if it does exist, I hope for the sake of his adorable kids that it doesn't see the light of day.

If for whatever reason you feel ilke getting scammed and are interested in buying the 62-minute tape, you can pre-order it on Friday, October 15.

Okay, I need to go take a shower now.

Do you think the sex tape exists? Have you had enough of sex scandals from professional athletes?

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