Brett Favre Wife & Mistress: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Deanna Favre Jenn Sterger Brett Favre

Brett Favre has a whole new set of pictures to worry about this week. Forget the ones of his penis.

Now the Internet has put photos of Jenn Sterger, his alleged mistress (the woman who supposedly received all those sexts and penis pictures), side-by-side with photos of Deanna Favre, Brett's wife and childhood sweetheart.

And guess who looks like whom?

He can't exactly claim a case of mistaken identity (sorry, even quarterbacks aren't that good at skirting trouble), but Brett could use this to his advantage.


If he cheated (yes, we know, it's still in the realm of "if"), he did it with a woman who reminded him of his wife. So much so that it's almost freaky.

A guy who cheats with his wife's doppelganger is still attracted to her; so his problem isn't with her looks. It doesn't negate the betrayal (ahem, penis pictures), but it takes the self esteem issue off the table.

He still thinks you're hot. And he's sticking to "type." Call it a shallow victory, but when the entire nation thinks your husband is cheating, you have to have something, right?

Then again, if you're a woman who thinks an emotional affair is even worse than a sexual one (raises hand), he's in a whole lot of trouble. Because proving it's not simply a sexual attraction thing -- remember, you're still all kinds of hotness -- means he just told you he's stepping out for some other reason.

And that's a slap in the face.

You'll often see someone recouping from a breakup with a new date who looks an awful lot like the old one. We tend to find people who have at least some similarities because that's the whole point of attraction.

But does it lessen the blow or hasten the divorce?

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