Chilean Miner Mistress! Dude, Stay in the Hole

chilean miner mistressAwkward! Yonni Barrios, a Chilean miner who has acted as de facto doctor for his fellow miners trapped underground, was busted as his mistress showed up at the hole in the ground at the same time as Barrios' wife.

Marta Salinas, his 56-year-old wife, discovered Susana Valenzuela, Barrios' mistress, crying and saying his name at the site and the jig was up. Since her discovery, Salinas has been at home and won't be there to greet Barrios when he arrives at the top.

If I were Yonni I'd think about setting up my new home in the mine, where he was treated as a hero as he monitored his fellow miners' health and mental well-being. Clearly, that kind of adulation will get him nowhere with his wife.


Salinas says she is grateful Barrios is okay, and believes it's a miracle that he will be saved. That's enough to make her comfortable with leaving his cheating ass once he's been rescued. Cold!

Of course I might have done the same, since when asked who Barrios wanted to be met by when he arrived at the top of "The Phoenix," he included his wife and mistress on the list.

Listen Yonni, just because you've been trapped underground in torturous conditions for the past few months doesn't mean you get a free pass. If you want to live like a single man, out from under any rules of your marriage -- stay in the hole.

Would you leave your husband under these circumstances?


Image via Rescate Mineros

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