'Teen Mom' Amber and Gary: Sometimes Breaking Up Is Smarter

MTV Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley just can't stop.

The two, despite the drama and stress that seem to surround them, are now "promised" to one another, according to Radar Online.

They just bought each other new rings as a sign of their commitment, said Gary's mother Carol Zizak. They're promise rings where they're promising to themselves that they're going to work on their relationship, not date anyone else, and have a future for [their daughter] Leah.

Does anyone else think this is insane?


Obviously not all we see on television is the full truth and they may be decent people separately, but the scenes of domestic violence and of Amber hitting, punching, and attempting to push Gary down the stairs leave a bad taste for most people.

Forgiving is one thing, being a victim is another.

The desire to keep their family intact makes sense, but there are cases in which breaking up is the better option, especially in cases where abuse or such hatred is involved. "Staying together for the kids" isn't the right thing to do when the children see their parents hitting, punching, kicking, and verbally abusing one another.

An abuser may be able to change. It's possible. But the victim shouldn't stick around to find out. The message to the children isn't about forgiveness and kindness, but about how to treat another human being. Leah will see mommy hitting daddy and calling him "fat" and think it's normal.

Men might not leave their abusers for the same reasons woman might do the same:

  • Protecting the kids: Abused men might fear that the woman will not let them see their kids again.
  • Guilt: Feeling like it's their fault or they deserve it.
  • Dependent: Many men are dependent financially or emotionally on their wife or girlfriend and would not feel "right" without her.

It isn't uncommon, but it's heartbreaking. The best thing for that little girl would be a home where there's no violence or constant screaming, which likely means her parents need to stay apart.

Sometimes the best thing for the children is to end the marriage.

What do you think of staying together for the kids?


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