Courteney Cox & David Arquette Separation Shocker

courtney cox and david arquette
The year of the celebrity breakup is going strong.
Guess a deal’s not a deal anymore.

We joke about this being the year of the celebrity breakup, but now it’s getting spooky. Courteney Cox and David Arquette have been together since 1999, when they were wed here in San Francisco, in the groovy and gorgeous Grace Cathedral.  

They seemed like a real down-to-earth pair, both parts of larger showbiz families who knew what to expect in Hollywood. But according to TMZ, life just got between Cox and Arquette, and since they agreed to split, he’s been seen with that tacky waitress who punched Lindsay Lohan. Disappointing, dude.

Is it because she’s older? Or because of the Arquette Breakup Curse?


It’s been a tough year for cougars -- Courtney at 46 is 7 years older than David; Susan Sarandon 12 years older than former flame Tim Robbins; and Laura Dern is 2 years older than Ben Harper, from whom she recently split. Okay, so 2 years isn’t really cougar territory -- until you take into account emotional maturity, right?

And then there’s the curse I just made up. The Arquettes have had some notable splits, that’s all I’m saying:

  • David and Courteney
  • Patricia and Thomas Jane of HBO’s Hung (twice! They broke up twice!)
  • Rosanna and  like three different husbands, seriously, plus Peter Gabriel and a guy in Toto who wrote that song about her
  • Alexis and his penis (DOH!)

Did this breakup surprise you, or did the Cox-Arquette duo seem rocky from the start?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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