These 6 Bizarre Sex Conditions Are No Laughing Matter

naked woman in bedHaving sex in your sleep and being born with two penises are both unusual sexual conditions that might make you chuckle when you hear about them.

Unfortunately, these conditions can be disruptive, alienating, and cause the sufferer both physical and emotional pain.

And, for some of these conditions, there is no easy cure.

Here are 6 unusual and rare sexual conditions that you don't want to have:

1. Female Blue Balls (also known as persistent genital arousal disorder or PGAD): At first, this might sound like fun. Always having that feeling of orgasmic anticipation. The difference when you have PGAD? Even after you orgasm, you still have that pre-orgasm feeling of genital engorgement. All day long. And there is no definitive cure, though biofeedback techniques and some medications may help.


2. If the Energizer Bunny Had a Penis (also known as priapism): The male version of PGAD. The erection lasting longer than four hours that the makers of erectile dysfunction medicines warn you about. Except priapism can happen without taking any of those drugs. And it is extremely painful. One cure is to stick a needle into the penis to draw out the excess blood that's causing the engorgement. If you don't treat priapism? The penis can become permanently scarred, which can lead to impotence.

3. Sweet Fondling Dreams (also known as sexsomnia): Also known as sleep sex and is similar to sleepwalking. Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder that causes people to engage in sexual acts while asleep and not be able to recall what occurred upon awakening.

4. Climax Conundrum (also known as orgasm migraines or coital cephalgia): The act of orgasm gives the sufferer a headache similar to a migraine. The ultimate catch-22. Pain after pleasure. The headache is severe and can last for a few hours. Symptoms can also include a stiff neck and vomiting. The opposite of "Not tonight dear. I have a headache."

5. Double Dicks (also known as diphallia or penile duplication): Occurs when a man has two penises, usually next to each other, that usually function normally and can both be used for urination and ejaculation. Men with this condition are frequently sterile. And only one penis at a time can be active. Diphallia is usually accompanied by other congenital abnormalities like spina bifida.

6. Golden Semen Shower (also known as retrograde ejaculation): The sphincter of the bladder doesn't constrict as it should, which would normally force the semen out the urethra. So the ejaculation of semen goes backwards, up the penis and into the bladder. Not a painful disorder but can render a man infertile because the semen is deposited in the bladder. The test for this? Checking a urine sample for semen.

Do you know anyone with one of these unusual conditions?


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