Marriage Gap Closed by Hot Moms

julianne moore hot momApparently getting married after 40 is easier than getting killed by a terrorist, as the so-called marriage gap has closed. After frightening college-bound coeds (or at least those who banked on getting their MRS after four years), just as many white college-educated women are getting married later as non-college educated white women. While a gap does still exist for black women, it is getting smaller as well.

I realize by looking around me, as well as the report that just came out, that more and more women and men are delaying marriage, children, and all of that grown-up stuff. Why not? Isn't 30 the new 20? And have you seen women in their 40s lately?

No longer are women issued the old lady haircut on their 40th birthday. Mom jeans are soooo 1996. And whether you have kids and are divorced or are a swinging single approaching mid-life -- you look damn good.

These hot mamas certainly aren't your mother's friends circa 1985.


Julianne Moore

My husband would probably dump me for an older model if Julianne Moore demanded he do so.

Demi Moore

What's with all the Moores? I don't know, but they're both smokin' up their mid-40s.

Halle Berry

Getting more beautiful by the second, Halle Berry is a stunning 44-year-old hottie tottie.

Julia Roberts

I would go so far to say that Julia looks better than she did in Mystic Pizza. Her hair is tamer, and her eyes are softer. Her body? Still hot.

Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox

I'm putting these two single friends together, now that they'll both be on the prowl. Rarr!

Naomi Watts

This hot mom to two was just getting started in her 30s, like so many of the rest of us late bloomers.

How many hot moms or singles do you know that defy their age?


Image via Bryan Bedder/Getty


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