Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger & Karen Owen: Now THAT's a PowerPoint

Jenn StergerThe Internet and electronic communication are powerful things -- they make you a celebrity overnight or they make people who are already celebrities want to crawl in a hole and cry.

Like Karen Owen, whose sexual exploits with Duke lacrosse players are there for the entire world to see with a quick Google search. Or things can take a tragic route, as a viral sex video was the last straw for Tyler Clementi, and he jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death.

And now comes Brett Favre, 40, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He supposedly left suggestive voicemails for and sent naked pictures of himself to Jennifer Sterger (pictured at left), 26, former Playboy pinup and current cohost of The Daily Line, a sports commentary show on the Versus network.

The scandal first came out in August, but now it seems there's evidence.


The blog posted a 2-minute video of Brett Favre's MySpace messages to her (hey, it was in 2008, I guess people were still on MySpace?), some voicemails that sound just like him, and raunchy penis photos at the 2:08 mark.

I think it's safe to say this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK(!) at the 2:08 mark, so proceed with caution.

If you watch the video, it might not be Brett Favre, but someone trying really hard to get him into trouble -- that would take a Herculean amount of effort, though. Deadspin claims they got this material from a third party, so we have to wait and see if this is legit.

Because this scandal has been brewing since August -- and after everything we've seen in terms of Internet sex scandals and how stupid people are when it comes to the world wide web -- it might be safe to say that photos of Brett Favre's penis are now currently circulating the Internet. Never thought I'd see the day. How moronic can you get? Seriously, what is going on in the world?

Here are six quick tips and tricks for those of you who want to avoid the next Internet sex scandal:

  • If you shoot video of someone having sex and then post it online without their permission, it's a complete invasion of privacy, no matter how much you think it'd amuse your friends. You could and should go to jail.
  • If you take naked/suggestive photos of yourself, don't send them to anyone else, via email, MySpace, Facebook, text, Skype, whatever. Especially if you're famous! Many people will choose to ignore the rule above for a quick buck or use it as damning evidence.
  • The same goes for sexting. Anyone can save those messages! How are people still not realizing this concept?
  • If you go off on your ex-girlfriend, using a long list of expletives, pretty much admitting to hitting her and her baby, and asking her to perform lewd sexual acts on you, she could very well be recording it. And then have it magically appear online. Making you look like one of the biggest jackasses in America.
  • Don't trust your friends or family when it comes to sexual/embarrassing material. You may think they're the most upstanding people in the world, but they could send it to just one other friend, while that one other friend could send it to their entire address book.
  • If you make a PowerPoint presentation of your sexual exploits, don't use the real names of the people you have sex with. You'll most likely get sued and piss a whole bunch of people off.

Sure, it sounds easy enough, but regular folks and celebrities alike seem to think they're immune to the power of the electronic age. Let's all take a lesson in privacy. It could spare people from a lot of embarrassment, shame, and heartbreak, and could even save lives.

What do you think about these Internet scandals? Has privacy officially died?


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