Nora Ephron's Divorce Advice

The Huffington PostThe Huffington Post is launching a new section on their site about divorce. Author and screenwriter Nora Ephron is the senior editor.

But what makes Ephron qualified to give advice about divorce? And will it be good advice or more of the touchy-feely stuff that other sites espouse?

Well, she's been through two divorces and the second one was pretty nasty. Definitely not one of the good ones, if there is such a thing.

And she has a wry, self-deprecating sense of humor. One of her books, a collection of essays on aging, is titled I Feel Bad About My Neck.


I bet that her advice will be humorously helpful. Making you laugh when you want to cry.

So based on her life experiences, here are 5 bits of advice on divorce that I imagine she'll give out:

1. What do you do if your husband cheats on you, and you happen to be pregnant at the time?

Divorce him. Then write a thinly veiled bestselling book about it. And then make it into a movie with the amazing Meryl Streep portraying yourself. And Jack Nicholson as your douche-bag husband.

2. On receiving alimony and child support:

You can't rely on the good for nothing cheating ex-husband to provide for you and the two kids you have together. Make your own money. Write a bestseller. Then you don't have to worry.

3. On marrying for the third time:

Third time's a charm. It's more likely to work out if his work is similar to yours, such as writing books and screenplays. Plus, a different ethnicity and religion will help too.

4. What if your husband-to-be already has kids of his own?

Run from the altar. You already have your own. Why would you want anymore?

5. On sex:

Definitely have it. Try oral. Ever heard of Deep Throat? Plus you could always write a book about your post-divorce experiences titled I Don't Feel Bad About My Vagina.

Bottom line: Divorce, though sad, life changing, and devastating, can be a huge career booster. It gives you something to write about.

Ephron has been there, done that. Her habit of not taking herself too seriously will help those going through divorce find humor in the legal process and in the never-ending interaction with their exes.

Is Nora Ephron a good choice to head up The Huffington Post's divorce section?

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