Sexual Diversity = An Explosive Finale

Man woman statueDo you know the best way to ensure that your next sexual interlude is fulfilling for you and your partner?

Don't focus on just one sexual behavior. Do two or three things while you're fooling around. Mix up what the two of you are doing in bed. Or wherever else it is that you're doing it.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, a study funded by Church & Dwight (the company that makes Trojan condoms), people who added diversity to each sexual encounter were able to experience orgasm more easily.

In this study, 41 different combinations of sexual behavior were represented.

That's a lot of combinations without even opening up the sex toy chest.


The behaviors that participants were surveyed about included:

  • Penile-vaginal intercourse
  • Oral sex, both giving and receiving
  • Partnered masturbation (includes dry sex, humping, or rubbing genitals together)
  • Anal sex

And the most frequent combinations of behaviors?

  • If two behaviors were combined: Men said they engaged in intercourse and received oral sex. Women said intercourse and giving oral sex. Okay, makes sense. Women give more than they receive.
  • If three behaviors were combined: Both men and women cited the three as being intercourse, giving oral, and receiving oral. More power to equal rights.
  • And if a fourth behavior was added to the mix: Both men and women added in partnered masturbation. That's a whole lot of action going on.

So what can you do to increase your ease of orgasm? How about having a contest to see which of the two of you can combine the most sex acts? And what does the winner get? A better orgasm.

You can even add some toys to the mix. Some anal beads, a cock ring, and a pocket rocket and who knows how many additional combinations you can come up with in the privacy of your home.

You are only limited by the breadth of your imagination.

Do your sexual encounters consist of more than one type of behavior?


Image via Abhishek Singh/Flickr

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