Heidi & Spencer Pratt Together Again -- Here's How It All Went Down

Heidi Montag Spencer PrattSpencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are back together. While many of you believe the whole divorce thing was just a publicity stunt, there's a big part of me that honestly feels Heidi had a moment of clarity when she filed those papers.

But that moment is gone, just like any hope I had that Heidi would move on, then spill all of Spencer's secrets, humiliating him enough to go underground and never return to the limelight again. Ever.

But that's not what happened.

So what the heck did happen? Here's a timeline:


May 2010 -- Heidi asks for legal separation from Spencer Pratt

July 2010 -- Heidi files for divorce in Santa Monca courthouse

August 2010 -- Heidi admits her 10 plastic surgeries were a mistake

August 2010 -- Spencer threatens to release sex tape with Playboy playmate and Heidi

September 2010 -- Spencer makes public apology to Heidi for all of his douchebaggery

October 2010 -- Heidi and Spencer burn divorce papers and make s'mores

I'm exhausted, are you? 

I would say, "Who cares?" except I've started to be genuinely concerned for Heidi's mental, and physical health. Just like a victim of domestic violence, Spencer's apology wooed her back into his lair. His flesh-colored lair.

Heidi claims all she ever wanted was to know Spencer loved her more than all of the fame nonsense. His public apology really nailed it. I would have wept if I hadn't known it was from a serial abuser who is using pretty words to capture his object of obsession.

Even though it's a waste of words, I still have to beg, "Run, Heidi, run!!"

How horrible is Spencer Pratt? Really?


Image via MTV

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