Most Revealing Wedding Dress Ever

wedding ringsSome girls' wedding dream features a poofy white dress straight out of Cinderella. Some ladies want to keep it simple with a white sheath.

And then there's this woman:

Send the kids out of the room ladies, and take a gander at what your wedding could look like.


wedding photo

Talk about a couple that brought it in with a bang. Or a boom ... boom? Cinderella would have gotten laughed out of Disney with that dress.

All jokes aside, just from the picture, we give this woman two huge thumbs up for having the courage to wear exactly what SHE wanted to her wedding. 

And as a little boost, we can tell this relationship has a few things going for it.

1. He's Not the Jealous Type. His willingness to let her let it hang all out means this guy is pretty secure in his new marriage. So he's not likely to be the controlling creep who snoops on her e-mail account every evening after she goes to bed.

2. She's Comfortable in Her Skin. There's nothing sexy about insecurity, and it can certainly put a damper on bedroom antics. A woman who will wear something that shows off her assets can also be a woman who will stick up for herself in a relationship -- ensuring it's a partnership of equals. That's what every marriage should be.

3. It Won't Get Boring. She looks like a lady who will always be up for something wild, even when there's no time to schedule "date night." And that's not just good for him -- a woman who can have fun with herself is brave enough to let him know how she likes things.

What do you think? Brave woman or just an exhibitionist?

Images via apdk/Flickr; Ted Van Pelt/Flickr

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