Marry One of These Guys If You Want the Diamond Anniversary

weddingFinally, mom speak has been decoded. When she told you she wanted you to marry a doctor or a lawyer, she was dooming you to a life of unhappiness.

Unless she suggested a foot doctor or an eye doctor. Or a lawyer who also happens to fix alarms on the side.

The interwebs has been agog this week about the high odds that dancers and choreographers are going to end up in divorce court. But all that doom and gloom that will make it impossible to look at Dancing With the Stars the same way again has finally made the media and communication equipment workers seem sexy.


That is if a guy can still be sexy if I have to look up what he actually DOES for a living (a number of things, but among them is fixing alarm systems).

So what's this sexy stud doing with his life? Remaining faithful to his wife 'til death do us part.

After all, monogamy is dead sexy, and according to the same list that brought us the downfall of the dancer, media and communication equipment workers have a 0 percent divorce rate.

That's none. Bupkus. Or, if you're one of those glass half full people, decades of wedded ... something.

Judging a guy on his job might have been shallow, but this study shows there's something to it. And it can hardly be surprising when you consider long hours, a lot of time apart, and other job-related strains on marriage play a factor in divorce. There's a reason some professions get "reputations."

So get out your little black books ladies, here are the careers researchers at Virginia's Radford University say you should be looking for:

  • Media and communication equipment workers -- 0 percent
  • Agricultural engineers -- 1.78 percent divorce rate
  • Optometrists -- 4.01 percent divorce rate
  • Transit and railroad police -- 5.26 percent divorce rate
  • Clergy -- 5.61 percent divorce rate
  • Directors of religious activity -- 5.88 percent divorce rate
  • Sales engineers -- 6.61 percent divorce rate
  • Podiatrists -- 6.81 percent divorce rate
  • Nuclear engineers -- 7.29 percent divorce rate.

Time the rearrange the social calendar: eye doctor appointment? Check. Visit to church? Check.


Image via Simon Shaw/Flickr

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