10 Unusual Fetishes That Some Call Sexy But I Call Yuck

armpit hairDid the sight or thought of blood excite you even before the Twilight books were published or the True Blood series began airing on HBO?

Do you like dressing up as the Baby New Year on December 31? Is it because you like wearing diapers?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might be diagnosed with fetishism.

Fetishism is the use of non-living objects to achieve sexual gratification. The gratification can come from either fantasies or actual behavior involving the object. Either way, the object becomes the cause of the sexual arousal.

Having a fetish does not mean that the person has a mental disorder, as long as the fetish doesn't result in illegal behavior, cause harm to another, or hinder the development of a healthy relationship.

Do any of these 10 unusual fetishes appeal to you?


1. Paraphilic Infantilism: A desire to wear adult diapers during sexual activity.

2. Hematolagnia: A fetish for blood usually acted out through bloodletting or cutting. Can include those who are sexually excited by their partner's menstrual blood and those who consume blood.

3. Odaxelagnia: Can occur concurrently with hematolagnia. Sexual arousal is caused by biting a partner or by being bitten, whether or not blood is drawn.

4. Agoraphilia: Arousal is caused by being outdoors, in public spaces, or, more popularly, by having sex in a public place.

5. Eproctophilia: The sound, smell, or even thought of flatulence is arousing.

6. Oculolinctus: A sexual fetish involving licking your partner's eyeball.

7. Hirsutophilia: Sexual attraction to body hair, including armpit hair or pubic hair.

8. Emetophilia: Arousal brought on by the act of vomiting, either by their partner or by themselves.

9. Gerontophilia: A sexual preference for someone who is older or even elderly.

10. Podophilia: Also know as a Foot Fetish. An arousal caused by the sight, smell, or touching of feet. Maybe not that unusual but definitely the most common fetish.

Have you ever been in a relationship with some who had an unusual fetish?

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