35 Strange Turn-Ons (If You're Normal)

Sometimes our sexual fantasies alarm and disturb us, but they shouldn't. Just because you have a fantasy of being tied up doesn't mean you condone violence against women.

An article in this month's Self magazine discusses sexual fantasies and the secret meaning behind them, but sometimes there is no meaning. There is just lust. And that's OK, too.

All of us have something that turns us on that's a little unique, a little edgy, and a little different.

I asked around and put together a long list from both men and women about the odd things that do it for them. I cut out anything that was too depraved or illegal, but made sure to include a variety of tamer ones and more explicit ones. Here is a list of 35 Strange (Legal) Turn-Ons:

  1. A man with a deep, strong voice.
  2. Chewing gum.
  3. A guy who's good with kids. Or my cat. 
  4. A guy shaving, there's just something so masculine about it.
  5. When a guy fixes something in my apartment for me
  6. When I'm wearing his boxers or one of his button-down shirts.
  7. When I yell at the TV during sports games.
  8. A woman who can drive stick.
  9. A woman who drinks black coffee.
  10. Getting a tongue in the ear.
  11. Getting armpits licked.
  12. Being called "daddy."
  13. Hair pulling.
  14. Tight white t-shirt, and nothing else but a smile ...
  15. Big nose on a man. Not pointy, but with a rounded tip. Like, a disproportionately large nose.
  16. Painted toenails.
  17. Crooked toes.
  18. Hairy toes.
  19. Hairy armpits.
  20. Unwaxed genitals.
  21. Anger.
  22. Uniforms.
  23. Confidence/cockiness.
  24. Ball-gags.
  25. Anything involving scat.
  26. Those oxygen deprivation suits. 
  27. Sweat and lots of it.
  28. The no-deodorant smell.
  29. Hospitals.
  30. Barns.
  31. Pee.
  32. Extreme food play (custard/pudding/mashed bananas) known as "sploshing."
  33. Dressing up like animals.
  34. Bikinis in the snow.
  35. A small woman drinking a big beer.

See, now you don't feel so weird! Seriously, in the world of sex, there are many, many things that many, many people like. If you like it, there is almost always someone else who does as well. The trick is to not judge one another.

And of course, there are many I left off the list, too. Feel free to add (if you dare)!

What did I leave off?


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