Proposal Horror Stories, Exclusive Talk & More News

couple at oceanAll aspects of relationships can be difficult -- from the second date (which I'm still trying to just get past), to being committed, engagements, marriage ... each part has its own special problems. So here are some links to help:

  • You've had several drink/dinner dates, you might have even let him see you without makeup (gasp!), but how do you know that he's not doing the exact same thing with someone else? If the thought bothers you, it may be time to have the "talk." Oh, how I hate the "talk." Are we exclusive? Are we not? -- Lemondrop
  • So you had the talk, and you're now exclusive, congrats, you got yourself a boyfriend. Now, to make sure your brand new relationship doesn't get boring quickly (and to help bond) here are nine fun fall date ideas. -- Your Tango
  • Fast forward a few years and you're blissfully in love and are totally that couple that everyone secretly envies. But now your asking yourself, Is he the One?, and wondering, Does he think I'm the One?. Though we can't speak for you, here are seven ways to know for sure if he thinks you are. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • Congrats! You've decided you want to spend the rest of your life together and at this very moment he's out shopping for some bling to put on that left hand. But for all that is holy, let's hope that you don't experience a proposal horror story like one of these. -- The Frisky


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