'Big Bang Theory': 5 Sexy Relationship Secrets

Big Bang Theory Kaley CuocoFive words never meant to go in one sentence? Big Bang Theory sex secret. The nerdiest spot in prime time also seems to be teeming with steamy secrets.

Like a two-year relationship maintained by on-screen girlfriend and boyfriend Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki that they never shared with anyone.

Cuoco recently admitted she and Galecki dated for two full years, and somehow they managed to keep the whole things under wraps -- even on the set of their CBS hit. Which in Hollywood -- land of the paparazzi -- proves there's something to Galecki's on-screen genius act.

So let's learn a little something from the masters and explore the wonders of the hidden relationship:


1. The Thrill of Getting Caught. From the mile-high club to sex in public places, the thrill of doing something naughty heightens the pleasure. So while everyone thinks you're just hanging out watching movies, you can redefine "hanging out."

2. Time Off From the Pressure. Your Gran isn't reminding you about cows and free milk. Your BFF isn't asking you when he's going to pop the question.

3. You Can Figure Out Your Type. Dating a guy who is unlike any you've ever dated before can be scary. Which is exactly why you need to do it -- and decide for YOURSELF without judgment from the girls (or your mom). And that means praise too -- the girl who's been stuck in a bad-boy rut for the past five years doesn't want to hear a yahoo from Mom that she's finally landed a sweetheart. That's the stuff that can make us turn on our inner rebellious teen for no reason. Down girl!

4. It Keeps the Friendships Intact. Dating friends is tricky. Dating a friend's ex? Can be disastrous. Keeping a relationship hidden until you're sure it's going to work helps ward off the "who gets which friends" fight at the end of the rainbow.

5. It Keeps the Paparazzi at Bay. Think that's just a problem for Cuoco and Galecki? What about those ridiculous Facebook photos that keep popping up ... and getting tagged so your mom can see them? Oh mom, I was just sticking my tongue in his ear for laughs!

Have you ever kept a relationship hidden?


Image via CBS

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