10 Scary Movies to Get You in the Mood

Vampires are all the rage right now and many of the ladies who love the fanged ones know that a little violence, a little danger, and a little fear all add up to a hot and sexy time together.

What could be better than a little popcorn, dimmed lights, and a member of the opposite sex you are crazy about?

Some people like it gory and violent (like me). Others are less happy with that and more interested in the thrills that happen off-camera.

This list incorporates some thrills, some gore, and some old-fashioned suspense and should allow for even the most squeamish of movie-goers to enjoy a little fear factor during date night.

So, here are 10 sexy horror movies to get you in the Halloween spirit:

  1. Bram Stroker's Dracula: The romance between Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder is hot, hot, hot in this. And even though it's a cliched vampire flick, it's a very sexy, sensual, romantic movie that will leave you hot and bothered.
  2. Cat People: This movie was made in the early 1980s and stars Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell. It was designed as an erotic horror movie and certainly does the trick. Werecats and sexy bodies. How could you go wrong?
  3. The Serpent & the Rainbow: Voodoo in Haiti is hot, sticky, and scary.
  4. Carnival of Souls: This one is an old-fashioned creepy ghost story. A church organist is in a car accident and she's the sole survivor. To say more would ruin it, but the black and white and the creepy atmosphere make a strong and spooky Halloween-friendly horror flick.
  5. 30 Days of Night: Good-bye sexy vampires, hello sexy Josh Hartnett. You won't find intriguing lusty vampires, but the claustrophobia and central love story do make a hot tale. Be forewarned, though: It's a bit of a gore fest.
  6. The Skeleton Key: A very atmospheric voodoo flick that's creepy. Ghost stories are sexy and this one's a doozy. Just be prepared to cuddle up close.
  7. Gaslight: Another black and white movie that's very creepy and not a bit gory. A husband is trying to drive his wife mad ... or is he?
  8. Jennifer's Body: Looking at Megan Fox is a treat anytime, but this movie got an undeserved bad rap. It's extremely gory and violent, to be sure. But loads of eye candy keep it hot.
  9. Vertigo: Alfred Hitchcock was the master and this movie is his best. Crazy people, murder, dream sequences, phobia -- it has it all. This one is involved and intricate and definitely frightening, but is unlikely to give you nightmares. You may still want to make sure your man stays the night, though. You know, just in case.
  10. Marnie: Another Hitchcock starring the very delicious (and very young) Sean Connery as a man bent on helping a beautiful woman remember her past. It's creepy and sinister, but not gory.

What is your favorite date night scary flick?


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