Sister Wives: 5 Things About My Love Life

sister wives love lifeIn spite of legal trouble, the Brown family of the TLC reality show Sister Wives is proud to showcase their alternative lifestyle on national television. Instead of trying to hide the illegal act of polygamy, Kody Brown has put himself, his wives and his children on the teevee so we can all watch, judge and for some law enforcement officials in Utah -- arrest -- the one man and his three wives.

Fearless, these sexy lawbreakers are, and so we can assume Janelle, Christine and Meri have a lot more to say about their polygamous lifestyle.

In fact, here are five things we're just going to assume about their love lives.


1. We're very into threesomes. Or foursomes. Or fivesomes. Or whatever our spiritual advisor tells us.

2. Don't worry about last minute dates -- we always have an available babysitter.

3. Have a triplet fantasy? We are "sisters."

4. Don't let the long skirts fool you, there's a lot of activity going on under there.

5. Luckily, we're also all into prison sex.


Image via TLC

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