Let's Play Matchmaker ... For Our Moms!

kids on computerHere's a sweet story that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside as you begin your Friday:

After a string of bad dates with guys she met online, a British widow put the power of love into her daughters' hands. At ages 9 and 11, obviously their criteria was limited to looks as they searched for men with "nice smiles," and "kindness in their eyes." (Do UK kids actually talk like that?) It wasn't until they stumbled upon Guy Bolam's profile, a divorced father of one, who the girls liked because he was pictured with a motorcycle (biker dude, score!), that they found someone who "just seemed to fit with mummy."


Call it childhood intuition or just pure coincidence, but nine months later, Guy was ready to pop the question. The two families were joined and are currently living out their happily ever after.

Upon reading this article, my friend asked me what type of guy I'd set my mom up with if I had to. Now, my parents are still happily married (33 years and counting!), and I couldn't imagine anyone more suited for mom than my dad is, but for the sake of the conversation, I gave it some thought ...

Uh, some rich millionaire who looks remarkably like Bruce Springsteen that could fly her to Ireland anytime she wants! (She has an insane obsession with Ireland ... and The Boss.)

Pfft, what am I talking about? A millionaire Irish Bruce has got nothin' on my daddy ... just look at this guy:

My dad

Hypothetically speaking (or not, if your mom is single and ready to mingle), what kind of guy would you set your mom up with?


Images via whiteafrican/Flickr, Brittny Drye

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