Sex in a Snuggie: The New Winter Trend?

The Snuggie SutraLet’s talk about Snuggies. They are the wearable blankets that burst upon the scene a few years ago, in the kind of low-rent cheapo commercial that also brought us Chia Pets, the Slap Chop, and the Flowbee. How could they be serious? And yet they were, and despite relentless mockery, it seems like everybody’s wearing them.

It was inevitable that someone would look at this enormously un-sexy garment and think, “I could have sex in that.” And start a blog. And get a book deal. And so it came to pass with "The Snuggie Sutra."


The Snuggie Sutra is the brain-child of Lex Friedman, a Macworld writer who also wrote a song about his TiVo, and Megan Morrison, a graphic designer who likes links. Its stated purpose is to help lovers achieve satisfying sex without, you know, shrinkage. Or goosebumps.

And no, the Slanket won’t work.

With autumn on its way and a chill in the air, this might be just the thing to keep your marriage alive this winter. If so, I don’t want to hear about it. The whole idea makes me want to hurl. Not sexy!

And if you’re looking to have sex using other late-night commercial products, I suggest you avoid these as-seen-on-TV favorites:

  • The Slap Chop
  • The Flowbee
  • Ginsu Knives

On the other hand, you could use a ShamWow for cleanup. Because this could get messy.

What late-night commercials make you want to get jiggy with it? Tell us in the comments.


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