Spice Up Long Distance Love With 3 Flirty Care Package Ideas

While my long-distance relationship hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, it has been interesting and worth it.

What I don't have: A companion for drinks after a long day (a light beer for me, a Jameson and diet for him) or a workout partner before breakfast.

What I do have: Calls at any time of day from an Afghanistan six-digit phone number, communication via e-mails as if they were text messages, and, of course, tons of sent care package receipts.

Sure, I’m creative. And organization may be one of my interests on Facebook. But even when you know how much a little box means to someone, often it’s easy to run out of ideas.

Check out three fun and flirty suggestions for different packages to send to your long-distance lover.


Flirty Box

Personally, I’m more of an awkward turtle than a sex kitten. But every turtle wants to be flirty at one point or another, and there are ways to be seductive (even from far away) without coming off skanky:

  • Candles: Send candles that have sensual scents like vanilla, Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie, or rose.
  • A compilation CD: Burn some of your favorite songs that bring back wonderful memories of times you spent together.
  • A journal: When you’re apart, there’s nothing better than being able to jot down your thoughts when communicating openly isn’t an option. This journal will allow you both to reflect on how you felt, and catch up better when you’re back together.
  • Pictures: No, we’re not just talking nudity here. Send pictures of the two of you to your boo. Whether they be from last year’s Halloween party or a family night out -- it’s always great to have a tangible piece of one another when being together isn’t an option. Want to be a little more risque? Take a picture of one of your curves and have your love guess which one it is -- just be careful where you’re getting your film developed!


Big Kid Box

Put together a package to make your lover feel like a kid again:

  • Water guns and toy cars: All work and no play makes for no fun, after all.
  • Movies: Send in some classic favorites. My top suggestions: The Goonies, Wedding Crashers, Breakfast Club, Forrest Gump, or Wall-E!
  • Snacks: What’s better than a few gummy worms and some Goldfish to bring you back to your younger days?
  • Magazines: Kicking back with a good book is always enjoyable, but sometimes it’s just nice to dive into a magazine instead. Send health, celebrity gossip, or hobby magazines for some light reading. Read the same issue yourself, and talk about the content the next time you’re on the phone!
  • Tickets: Have a favorite sport that you and your beloved like to watch together? Spring for a pair of tickets and send them a photo or printout of the fun that’s to come! This will have you both looking forward to a fun afternoon or evening of hot dogs, brews, and, of course, cheering for the home team!


A-Day-in-the-Life Box

What’s better than enjoying some quality time together while being apart? Send your lover a “day-in-the-life” box portraying what a day together would be like. Enlist a friend to help and have a fun day creating a photo gallery that’s sure to bring about a smile.

A few examples: Start your day in bed (take a picture snuggling in the covers) and then go downstairs to turn on the coffee pot. While the coffee brews, go upstairs and get dressed for the day (snap a shot of clothes on the floor).

You get the idea here ... bring your camera along with you and be creative! Whether it’s snapping shots of your food or you applying your lipstick, your love will smile feeling like they can share it all with you, in real time.

To make the box a bit more fun, add in things from your photo day. It can be a Ziploc of your morning cereal, a gift-card from Starbucks when you grabbed your afternoon pick-me-up, or a copy of the DVD you watched that afternoon -- all items are personal and that makes them special for the both of you.

What is your favorite thing to send your long-distance lover?

Image via Sweet One/Flickr

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