How to Have Sex With a Feminist

how to have sex with a feminist
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A crash course on feminism appears on Jezebel, and while I suggest you follow their instructions to print it out and give it to every boy you know, I'll let you in on the writer's take on feminism and sex. Because it's mucho important. Let me sum up: Feminists Do It Better.

While the braggadocio may not have been present in the Jez article, the author was clear that feminists love sex as much as the next lady. More even, if you're talking about a feminist who believes knowing what makes her tick is required if you're sharing a bed. A quid pro quo is a given. As the article states, successful male/female and female/female relationships come down to coming from a place of respect. That's darn sexy.

But let them enlighten you even further on the myth of the feminist being anti-sex:

Sex (of whatever variety tickles one's particular fancy) isn't the issue -- double standards around sexual behavior (the slut vs. stud conundrum), a society that is reluctant to let go of the deplorable "she was asking for it" rape defense, women who are never taught to seek out or value their own sexual pleasure, and pop cultural portrayals of sex that either disregard it or exploit it to sell everything from shampoo to socks (lookin' at you, American Apparel) are what gets under feminists' skin.
Violence, exploitation, and degradation are not sexy. Anyone who is "into" that or thinks women need to "lighten up" when it comes to these issues is absolutely not going to be getting any. From a thinking woman, anyway.

But those who approach women with (again, the key word) respect, instead of contempt -- well, you're in for a really crazy ride.

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