A Sassy Gay Friend Will Solve All Your Relationship Woes

sassy gay friend videosEver made a fool of yourself for a man? I have. Ever grovelled, lost all self-respect, and allowed yourself to be a doormat? Me! Me! And now I know the reason: I never had a sassy gay friend to b*tch slap some sense into me.

I've had gay friends, sure, but never the sassy kind. Never the kind that would say, "You love him? You met him Sunday. It's only Thursday morning. Slow down, crazy! Slow down." And certainly not the kind of friend with powers of sass so amazing, he could keep Juliet herself from dying over Romeo:

"Save it Patty Hearst!"

Wait, there's more.


Sassy Gay Friend saves Desdemona from being murdered by her husband Othello:

You can also watch as Sassy Gay Friend saves Ophelia from suicide, Eve from ruining mankind, and The Giving Tree from giving too much.

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Do you have a sassy gay friend? Has he helped to save you from bad relationships?


Image via Sassy Gay Friend/Facebook

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