Relationship Advice from Jenny McCarthy Worth Hearing

Jenny McCarthy with Jim CarreyWe're used to seeing celebrity break-ups being filled with crazy cheating-with-a-stripper type drama, so it is very refreshing to see a celebrity couple actually have a civil break-up. No shows documenting it afterwards (I'm looking at you Vienna and Jake), no tattooed biker mistresses coming out of the woodwork, just straight up, "We fell out of love" reasoning.

Jenny McCarthy, who broke up with longtime boyfriend Jim Carrey last April, recently opened up on Oprah about what went wrong with their relationship.

"The first thing is, when it's not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship."

That's it?


Though I have to argue that relationships aren't always fun, they require work, but I have a feeling that she meant she was no longer happy, in which case, yes, if you're not happy, you shouldn't be in the relationship. She's wasn't married to him, so if she wasn't happy then, she's sure as hell not going to be happy 20 years down the road. I've seen far too many people stay in relationships that had been sinking for years, only because they were afraid to be alone.

"If you come into a relationship thinking that someone else is going to complete that, you're going to be miserable. Because your expectations -- anytime you need anything outside of yourself, you're in trouble. If I feel like I need something from somebody, I stop and give it to myself, even though it's really hard sometimes. And that really helped me become whole."

Well said, Jenny.

The cute duo actually broke up a few weeks before they announced it to the public, they wanted to give each other time to heal before it exploded on the front pages of the gossip magazines. This would be the equivalent to us normal people taking a few weeks before telling all of our mutual friends and making that dreaded status change on Facebook. I find that extremely admirable, and applaud the way that they handled it.

Who would've thought we could learn relationship advice from a celebrity?

Would you take Jenny McCarthy's relationship advice?


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