Hot Lauren Miller Engaged to Dorky Seth Rogen: The Mystery Solved

Lauren Miller and Seth RoganIn a week where everyone in celebrity land seems to be getting a divorce, funny guy and dork poster child Seth Rogen is getting engaged! The future Mrs. Rogen is someone you've probably never heard of, one Lauren Miller, 28, Rogen's girlfriend of six years. And she's totally hot. And Rogen, also 28, is so not.

This is not me saying this -- it's Rogen. He's been quoted before as saying Miller is a lot prettier than a guy like himself deserves.

I love these stories about the nerd ending up with the popular cheerleader. It restores my faith in humanity a little. You have to believe that it really is true love, a rare and precious gem in Hollywood. But it also causes me to ask, What the heck is she doing with him (besides his fame, money, and connections)? So of course, I have to try to figure it out. And I think I have it.

Here are the results of my very brief, 10-minute investigation:


Miller is an actress who's appeared in bit roles in a couple of Rogen's films, but most of her experience is behind the scenes of film production. She's worked as an assistant director, costume director, writer, crew assistant, and even produced a couple of small-time films.

In front of the camera, she's appeared as Scarlett Brighton in Rogen's 2007 Superbad, about "two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry." I guess I missed that one.

She played a mall employee in Rogen's Observe and Report, about a "bi-polar mall security guard who is called into action to stop a flasher from turning shopper's paradise into his personal peep show." Hmmm, intriguing plot.

Most recently she played the role of "Jenny" in Blimp Prom, a short movie not starring Rogen shot for Comedy Central's This movie is about exactly what it sounds like it's about: a prom that takes place on a blimp, you know, like the Hindenburg? Only with terrorists. I think this may be her finest work yet.

So, not exactly Oscar-worthy work, or anything that would even earn her a starring role in another feature film, but after taking a peek at her performance in the Blimp movie, the attraction makes a lot more sense. Two goofballs who love acting stupid in sophomoric films. I totally get it now. Can't think of a better star of Rogen's world.


Image via Kristian Dowling/Getty

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