'Raising Sextuplets' Divorce: Bryan Masche Bigger Jerk Than Jon Gosselin?

bryan masche divorce jenny sextupletsJenny and Bryan Masche, the so-called anti-Jon & Kate, just fell right into the reality show marriage trap: Go on TV, get a divorce.

Of course we could see by the sneak peeks this couple was already in trouble before they even left Arizona for greener pastures in Florida. Brian and Jenny bicker, as Brian's parents demean and manipulate the 32-year-old father of six. The tension in every encounter is uncomfortable to watch, god knows what it's like in the moment.

Add six adorable, but resource-sucking, stress-causing toddlers to the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster. As seen with the original multiple mess, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

After watching the Masche family, I honestly think Jon & Kate could have made it work. I know Kim warned us against comparing the two dads, but the fact is, Bryan Masche is an even bigger douchebag than Jon Gosselin.

Here's why:


Jon has been accused of being a lazy dad.

But --

The Gosselin kids never acted like this on the TODAY show, as Bryan puts more effort into his witty repartee than taking control of his kids.

Jon performed many a party foul dressed in Ed Hardy and shades.

But --

Bryan brought guns to his get-togethers.

Jon was a tough guy ... behind Kate's back.

But --

Bryan's so tough he's being slapped with domestic violence charges.

Jon was a cranky stay-at-home dad.

But --

Bryan out-and-out declared that his job should not be to stay at home with his kids. You know, while his wife held down a full-time job.

Who do you think is the biggest jerkwad?


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