Would You Buy a 'Jersey Shore' Sex Toy?

What is this world coming to?

First MTV Jersey Shore's JWoww announces she's stripping down for Playboy and now Vinny is offered $30,000 from Playgirl to make a cast of his penis and sell it as a sex toy.

Oh happy day.

Each week as I watch the show, I'm utterly mystified by the number of women willing to sleep with these men I find physically repugnant. Truly physically repulsive. And now there are women who want to play with a sex toy of the least attractive of them all?

Seriously? Is size THAT important?


Is it the kitsch or are women actually attracted to these men?

The way these men talk about women is sickening. The way they trade them off and mock them and talk about "grenades" and worse. I'm not opposed to mocking the opposite sex, but these boys take it to the next level -- mocking girls who are not fat as heifers, kicking ladies out in the middle of the night who have just slept with them, and on and on. It is repulsive.

Of course, their ick factor extends far further than just to their attitudes about women. They are also just horrible to look at. OK, so they aren't fat. But they're way too tan, sprayed, and hair gel-ed. And while I feel a bit hypocritical saying how physically repulsive they are while decrying their lack of respect for women's physicality, I'm also not mocking things that are out of their control.

They can control their hair gel use and their spray tan bottles. They choose to look the way they do and apparently some women dig it.

I don't.

Will people actually buy this?

So many questions ... so little STD repellent.

And just remember: anyone who buys the dildo is getting a little of Snooki's sloppy seconds.



Image via MTV.com

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