I Gave My Boyfriend a 'Night Off' With Another Woman

Lemondrop photoMy boyfriend David and I had been dating for a few years when, one night, we decided to spend the evening at home. We had a few drinks, watched some TV, then had this innocent conversation:

"If you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be?" he asked me.

"You," I replied. 

"Other than me."

"Russell Crowe."


"You didn't ask me who I wanted to have an interesting conversation with," I protested. "You asked me who I would want to do. I'd do Russell Crowe and in my fantasy he's really good at it."

"There's no way a guy THAT into himself is going to be good at sex."

"Good point."

Our conversation went on long into the night -- but what if it weren't a fantasy? What if it were reality?

Check out how Cameron Rodriguez's boyfriend did when he had permission to be with another woman!

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