Rocker Nancy Wilson & Cameron Crowe Go Splitsville

nancy wilson and cameron crowe Not to be a cynical Hollywood hater or anything, that's besides the point, but is anyone that surprised about the whole Ashton Kutcher cheating on Demi Moore thing? Outcome still to be determined, of course, but I never truly looked at that pairing and thought, Wow, now that's true love. Nothing to do with how either of them look at all, nossir. This is one that's really going to last!

Honestly now, someone was going to cheat in that relationship, and I had all bets on the young guy. I don't wish ill will on any marriage, but if this one ends, it won't be a total shocker -- not in the way it would be if it had been a couple like, say, Paul and Linda McCartney, or Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, or director Cameron Crowe and Heart rocker Nancy Wilson .... Yep, they announced today they are calling it quits after 22 years of marriage.


There are certain celebrity couples that you just forget about because they are not the current tabloid objet du scandale or they haven't said anything stupid on a talk show lately, and Wilson and Crowe were one of them. They've been so off the radar I'd pretty much forgotten either of them existed at all -- all signs of a healthy, strong marriage.

Not that I am a huge follower of either of their work (although I did laugh at Jerry Maguire and I think I still have a "How Could I Refuse" 45 rolling around the attic at my mom's house somewhere), but it's still upsetting to hear they are divorcing after more than 20 years. You figure if they made it that far, what else could possibly be left to fight about?

Wilson, who is 56 and looks way better than her sallow-faced soon-to-be-ex who is three years younger, said in the divorce papers that the couple had been officially separated since 2008. That doesn't mean anything. The law requires a certain period of separation before the courts will grant an official divorce, so many couples just make it up.

They have 10-year-old twin boys named William and Curtis, and in the divorce papers, Wilson seeks joint physical and legal custody of their children and also requests spousal support. So what happened? Did Crowe cheat on her with a prettier, younger rocker thang from the Pearl Jam documentary he's currently working on? Did they just grow apart?

No one's saying, but there is one clue that points to some animosity at the root of the separation .... Wilson has requested a legal change of her name to Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson. Says to me she doesn't want a whole lot of association with this dude anymore.

Does it sadden you when long celebrity marriages break up?

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