Mark Zuckerberg Girlfriend Tells How to Snag a Billionaire

Mark ZuckerbergImagine for just a second that you're Priscilla Chan, an undergrad at Harvard. You start dating a nice Jewish boy, Mark Zuckerberg, from New York. Your new boyfriend is a little off-beat but that's only because he's so fricking smart.

Fast forward 8 years, you're still together and you're moving in with him, into his rented house in Palo Alto. And now he's not just your boyfriend, he's Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook.


And now women all over the world want to know how you did it so they too can snare a Facebook billionaire.


Here are five tips Priscilla might give you, if she were in to that kind of thing:

1. Location, Location, Location

Hang out where the smart people hang out: prestigious colleges like Harvard, graduate schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and cities like Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto is not only home to numerous Silicon Valley high tech companies but also portions of Stanford University. Two birds, one stone.

2. Act Like You Don't Care About His Money

The key is to seem disinterested in material things. Be willing to put up with some of his eccentricities. So he lives (very) modestly and drives a safe (boring) car. What do you care? You're both young. You can buy the big house and the expensive car after you're married.

3. Stay Interesting (And Busy)

It's important to have your own life. He's going to be working a lot. At least for the first couple of million. So continue on with your independent studies. Priscilla is in her third year of medical school. You can go to law school, medical school, or even get your Masters in Library Science. Librarians are a brainy bunch. Plus you can do the whole role-play thing with him: the uptight librarian who wears buttoned up clothes and her hair pulled back tight. And whose sexuality is released by her knight in a Porsche.

4. Looks Do Count

Even though your millionaire doesn't see much past your intellect right now, that will change. He's going to be besieged with other women trying to muscle in on your territory.  So keep yourself up: exercise, get waxed, go to the dentist regularly and dress stylishly but not garish. Think more Melinda Gates than Melania Trump.

5. What's Love Got to Do With It?

Hopefully, love's got a lot to do with it. Because no matter how much money he has, if there's not love, chemistry, respect, trust and all of those other important relationship characteristics, then there's nothing. Hopefully, Priscilla's got all of that and then some.

Would you want to marry Mark Zuckerberg?


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