Office Romances on the Decline: Is 'Mad Men' to Blame?

office romance
Is this the way to get ahead?
According to Business Week, workplace romances are on the outs. Though no-fraternization policies didn’t stem the tide of mailroom smooches, this new downward trend comes from workers who often aren’t even involved in a twosome filing lawsuits

Though it’s unsettling to see Roger Sterling humping his way around the office on Mad Men, for most of us, work is the most likely place to meet a mate. Does this new trend mean a turndown in the love economy, too?


Some of these new claims are “hostile work environment” claims, which say that sexual favoritism stopped them from getting ahead, and others are “retaliation claims, where workers say they were fired so they wouldn’t be able to sue their employers for discrimination. These types of claims are increasing by leaps and bounds, but instead of, say, not slashing staff and benefits, corporations are taking a stand ... against amour.

Not all companies hate Cupid. Some say that office romances contribute to a positive work environment -- making people excited and happy about coming to their jobs, and fostering a family attitude. According to CareerBuilder, in the last four years, the number of people dating on the job has plummeted from 50 to 37 percent. But that’s still a lot of people finding love in their cubicles!

Then again, what kind of love are they finding there? Again according to CareerBuilder, more than a third of those finding on-site love found it with a married coworker. Oops.

So what’s the upshot? Is this decrease a good thing or a bad thing? Should we be allowed to continue to mine our inboxes for love, or are the bad apples going to spoil the fun for everyone else? Does office romance mean Michael and Jan, or Jim and Pam?

Have you had an office fling? Did office romance cause you consternation? Tell us in the comments! 


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