Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Birth Control Method Is Not Working

elisabeth hasselbeck birth controlElisabeth Hasselbeck, The View co-host and mom to three, wants to share with you her latest method of birth control. No, it's not abstinence-only education. It's her big ol' t-shirt.

The conservative baby mama says if she just puts on one of her husband's football jerseys or a maternity tee, it keeps her man at bay.

So, I guess it's abstinence. Abstinence by t-shirt.

Perhaps Hasselbeck should stick to more scientific methods, since she has three children, the youngest of which just recently turned 1. Which is exactly why I'm not taking her advice on birth control.

You know that t-shirts can come off, right Elisabeth?

Here are some other wacky methods that, by Hasselbeck's logic, will also keep you out of the delivery room:


Face mask

We've all seen the movies when a woman has on a mud mask and men are so incredibly frightened of her -- because she's not beautiful every second of the day. Ahhhhh! You CAN'T hit that. It's hideous!

Feigning Sleep

Rolling over and snoring loudly will surely give your man the hint that you're not copulating tonight. What a healthy solution to actually saying what's on your mind!

Doing It While Standing Up

Because something you learned in middle school is surely sound information.

What type of unconventional birth control do you practice? Does it work?

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