The Hot Babysitter Clue: What It Means for Your Marriage

babysitterThe hot babysitter is a marriage wrecker. And you don't even have to hire her to see it all go down the tubes.

So how does this harlot get your man without ever stepping foot inside the house?

Simple: if you're so worried about a guy that you tell the sexy early education major with references only matched in greatness by her gams to pass on by, you've already lost him.


Not to mention a kick-ass sitter who might have finally given you a much-needed date night to recharge your romantic batteries.

But let's get back to YOU.

Science proves he doesn't even have to make a move on her for women to get their panties in a twist. Emotional infidelity is the prime motivator for women's jealousy. And that can mean him giving her an appreciative glance just as easily as it means sexting her all day long.

Not hiring her for her looks means you're already considering it, even if you're not "the jealous type." And that means your marriage is in trouble.

In a Woman's Day and AOL Living marriage poll, 44 percent of women said the lack of trust is a major problem in their marriage. Take it two ways: jealousy is ruining marriages ... or cheating spouse are ruining marriages (surprise, surprise).

Which just leads us to the other giant elephant in the room. If you think a sexy teenager is going to turn his head, why do you want to be married to this dud? Excuse the "uh duh" moment, but if he's got you, he doesn't need to be checking out some babysitter's ass.

And if she's under 18, can we just say gross? Might as well break it to your daughter now that there will be no sleepovers. Ever.

On second thought, get out now. And take your daughter with you. The guy's a perv.

Does the sexy sitter make you uncomfortable?


Image via rbphalen/Flickr


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