Is Online Dating a Fancy Name for Racial Profiling?

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Dating sites are a gold mine of information. Think about it: You have to say a lot about yourself in order to put up a decent profile and attract someone similar to you. OKCupid has a hilarious and well-written blog, OKTrends, collects and studies that information, posted by “hundreds of millions of … user interactions.”

For instance, in their latest post, they looked at keywords of different races to see what tastes and interests each group prefers.

So, how do you think you stack up against other members of your race?


You can’t really call the answers stereotyping, since each group picked their own likes and dislikes. Here are just some of the top picks from different races. How do you fit in with yours? Because I am perplexed to find I am actually a black man who eats like an Asian.

White Men:

  • Self-Description: “I can fix anything”
  • Music: Phish, Soundgarden, Megadeth
  • Sport: Golfing, boats, skiing, Nascar
  • Food: Grilling, beer
  • Movie: The Big Lebowski

White Women:

  • Self-Description: “A country girl”
  • Music: Kenny Chesney, country music, Carrie Underwood
  • Sport: Nascar, horseback riding, the Red Sox
  • Food: Diet Coke
  • Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Black Men:

  • Self-description: “I am cool”
  • Music: Mos Def, The Roots, Kanye West
  • Sport: Basketball, NFL, Xbox 360
  • Food: Soul food
  • Movie: Menace to Society

Black Women:

  • Self description: “God-fearing”
  • Music: Alicia Keys, neo soul, Maxwell
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Food: Soul food
  • Movie: The Color Purple

Latino Men:

  • Self description: “I’m a funny guy”
  • Music: Merengue, reggaeton, salsa, hip hop
  • Sport: Soccer, baseball, UFC
  • Food: “Some drinks”
  • Movie: Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket

Latina Women:

  • Self description: “I love dancing”
  • Music: Merengue, salsa, Alicia Keys
  • Sport: The Yankees
  • Food: Seafood, Italian food
  • Movie: Sixteen Candles

Asian Men:

  • Self description: “I’m a simple guy”
  • Music: (None mentioned!)
  • Sport: Basketball, cricket, tennis
  • Food: Pho, sashimi
  • Movie: The Rock

Asian Women:

  • Self description: “I’m a simple girl”
  • Music: Jason Mraz, Michael Buble
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Food: Sashimi, pho
  • Movie: Slumdog Millionaire


So, are you in line with OKCupid users of your race? Can you relate, or no? Tell us in the comments!

Image from OKCupid

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